KPMG Modern Data Platform

Skip the complexity and jump right to data value

KPMG Modern Data Platform (MDP) is the cornerstone of a modern data-driven enterprise — the bridge where business and technology teams meet.

MDP is designed to dramatically simplify and streamline your data infrastructure and accelerate your advanced data analytics initiatives. It integrates and harmonizes disparate data from across your entire data ecosystem into a common data model, regardless of the complexity or diversity of the underlying environment.

MDP is a curated, cloud-native solution assembled from leading data technologies into a single, flexible and highly scalable platform. Its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) architecture enables you to apply modern DevOps principles such as Agile and continuous integration/continuous improvement (CI/CD) to your data. And by simplifying and democratizing access to that data, it empowers your data and business professionals to rapidly innovate on their own, with less dependence on IT.

A robust, cloud-native data platform

As a technology leader, you're undoubtedly under pressure to help your business unleash the full power of your data and accelerate your organization to a data-driven future. MDP is designed around four essential pillars — defined by industry leaders and experts — to do just that.

Cloud-native architecture

MDP is a curated, cloud-native technology stack with automated IaC blueprints, software installation and code deployment. It can be hosted in our environment or yours. It includes an extensive cloud services catalog and a range of configurations, all designed to dramatically speed your data efforts.

Self-service ecosystem

MDP's frictionless, self-service data discovery and analysis capabilities connect data producers directly to data customers, empowering users from business analysts to data scientists to collaborate and innovate with autonomy.

Data as a product

MDP can help you establish agile data management, elevated data quality and a DataOps foundation. It enables federated data ownership and data models optimized for specific domains and lines of business.

API integrations

MDP's standards-based, platform-agnostic API and integration framework makes integrating a wide-range of data sources and analytics solutions fast and easy, including leading solutions from Snowflake, Databricks, Informatica and more.

Accelerators to help you increase speed to value

Our Modern Data Platform includes a host of accelerators designed to take the friction out of your journey to a modern, data-driven enterprise — advanced, prebuilt tools and services forged by years of experience and battle tested by clients across multiple industries.

Framework accelerators

Service offerings, informed by leading practices, designed to help you build a solid strategic framework for your data modernization efforts:

  • Data governance
  • Security and privacy
  • Data and DevOps
  • Product management

Data accelerators

Configurable, extensible digital and data assets designed to address industry-specific challenges, including:

  • Industry data models
  • AI-enabled data products
  • Data connectors
  • Data pipelines
  • Algorithmic code

Functional accelerators

Battle-tested, prebuilt components designed to quickly provide insights across your back, middle and front office functions, including:

  • Intelligent forecasting
  • Workforce analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Personalization
  • Lead targeting
  • Proactive customer
  • Boost commerce
  • On-time in-full (OTIF) metrics

Technology accelerators

Robust tools that target some of the most pressing challenges your technical team will face as you move to a modern, data-driven enterprise:

  • Cloud modernization
  • Data monetization
  • Privacy engineering
  • API catalog

Building a trusted partnership

Unlike technology-only firms, we don't just deliver our software and wish you luck. Our Modern Data Platform is backed by our teams of technology, data and business professionals with industry-specific experience, including data strategy, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), cloud, cyber security, project management, change management, and governance, risk and compliance. They're ready to lend a hand to help you:

  • create a vision for data and analytics that is aligned with business goals
  • build trust in the data, how it is managed and stored, as well as confidence in reporting
  • identify the right KPIs to effectively monitor performance and enable insight discovery
  • develop automation capabilities to eliminate bias, human error and inefficiency in decision-making
  • empower people with analytical tools, processes and governance
  • enable greater insight into business drivers to proactively inform business decisions.

Proof. Positive.

Across every industry, end users are increasingly demanding tailored, intuitive and digital-first experiences that cater to their exact needs. Whatever your starting point, challenges or transition requirements, KPMG Modern Data Platform can help you take full control of your data, implement far-reaching new experiences for users and unlock invaluable insights. Here are just a few examples of how MDP has helped our clients chart new territories.

Trusted data publishing

A leading investment management firm needed a solution to digest, prepare and publish content for its clients, with over 80 percent of data first systematically checked for quality and certified for use. With MDP, the firm has reduced its month-end content publication timeline by 50 percent and its operations support footprint by 30 percent.

Marketing and sales intelligence

We used MDP to help build and deploy a marketing and sales intelligence solution for a leading US investment management company. With trustworthy, timely data, the marketing team is able to finely target campaigns based on business goals, and sales call-to-action time was reduced from weeks to one day.

Marketing and sales intelligence

We used MDP to help build and deploy a marketing and sales intelligence solution for a leading US investment management company. Armed with trustworthy, timely data, the marketing team is able to finely target campaigns based on business goals, reducing sales call-to-action time from weeks to one day.

Big data for digital marketing

A leading global financial institution wanted to access, analyze and manage vast volumes of data to enable more advanced customer acquisition and retention programs. Using MDP, we helped architect and implement a solution in their hybrid cloud that has improved revenue — and the customer experience.

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