Speed to modern Data, analytics & AI

Accelerate to a true, data-driven future

At the core of any successful IT modernization, you’ll find a solid data foundation. Data drives digital transformation. It’s the key enabler of more engaging and seamless customer experiences. Data is the fuel for business agility.

From advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions to the cutting edge operating models and infrastructures that power them, we’re equipped with the right people, tools and strategic alliances to help you build a true, modern, data-driven enterprise — fast.

KPMG is ranked by HFS in the top 3 firms for delivering business transformation for our AI, automation, data and analytics, and low-code capabilities.1

Industry-leading data, analytics and AI solutions

We take speed to modern data seriously. That’s why we’ve pioneered some of the most advanced technology solutions designed to accelerate your data analytics and IT modernization efforts.

Modern Data Platform

KPMG Modern Data Platform (MDP)

MDP is the cornerstone of a modern data-driven enterprise. It's a scalable, cloud-native data platform that unites the best of human and technology to uncover hidden insights, discover new pathways and empower you to move at the speed of business. Learn more


KPMG Ignite

KPMG Ignite is our patented, incredibly powerful and easy-to-use AI solution that combines a feature-rich AI development platform with a robust portfolio of prebuilt, industry-tested AI-enabled solutions — all backed by our deep industry and domain expertise. It can help you light a fire under your AI initiatives and maximize their value. Learn more

Signals Repository

KPMG Signals

KPMG Signals utility is an active listening platform that continuously harvests both structured and unstructured data from more than 250 public and private sources, and transforms that data into over 100,000 signals that can give you unprecedented, ML-based insights into market dynamics in real time. Learn more

An impressive leap forward in AI technology

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to open up entirely new avenues for improving the user experience and for creating business advantages. It promises to change the way many people work, from how software is developed to how text is written and summarized. See how we can help you make that promise a reality.

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Accelerate the value of your AI solutions with confidence

Successful AI adoption requires experienced governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals, highly skilled AI technologists and data scientists, advanced AI tools and accelerators, extensive experience with leading AI solutions, and strong industry alliances with AI solution providers. That's KPMG responsible AI.

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The team you'll want on your side

Unlike technology-only firms, we can draw from our deep bench of in-house talent to form teams that can cover all the bases required for a successful and sustainable AI or analytics project, including:

  • Ph.D.-level data scientists and technology professionals with deep experience in the design, development and training of AI and ML models
  • Data analytics professionals, including our team of data visualization professionals, to help us extract and communicate the insights you need
  • Software developers skilled in modern methodologies including Agile and DevSecOps
  • Engineers with specific knowledge and experience deploying solutions on all leading cloud platforms
  • Design and user experience (UX) professionals to help ensure that your solution will be intuitive and easy to use
  • Governance, risk and compliance professionals, including legal professionals, to help identify, understand and mitigate key risks associated with AI or analytics solutions
  • Organizational change management professionals to help smooth the transformation across your entire organization.

Strategic alliances that can give you an inside edge

With dozens of technology leaders on our list of alliances, you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s missing. By training and certifying our technology professionals, they enable us to deliver solutions across all leading platforms with true competence. They can give you direct access to internal resources to help solve pressing challenges, and ahead-of-the-curve insights that can put you in front of the pack.

Our approach: Data quality built in from the start

As many have learned the hard way, a decision based on outdated, incomplete or misleading data can be worse than using a Magic 8 Ball. An AI solution that delivers insights while also creating security vulnerabilities or privacy violations can do more harm than good.

We know that security, privacy, accuracy and immediacy aren’t just nice-to-have options. They must be built into the system at every point, fully integrated throughout the entire data pipeline and automated using well-governed AI and ML technologies.

We approach every analytics project armed with the right skills, tools and methodologies to help ensure that every decision you make is based on a solid foundation you can count on.

Proof. Positive.

See how we've helped IT leaders across industries meet and even exceed the growing expectations they now face.

A prescription for $100 million+ savings

Helping a major pharmacy upgrade its customer care line with advanced AI and NLP technologies. Learn more

Getting out ahead of risk

Using real-time data analysis to help a leading US retailer proactively identify and quantify business risks. Learn more

Getting out ahead of risk

Using real-time data analysis to help a leading US retailer proactively identify and quantify business risks. Learn more

An informed response to COVID

Getting students and faculty back to school fast with a progressive mobile app and serverless infrastructure. Learn more

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Speed to Modern Technology

Over the last dozen-plus years, we’ve built a leading technology organization designed specifically to help information technology leaders succeed at the pace business now demands.

Unlike business-only consultancies, our more than 15,000 technology professionals have the resources, engineering experience, battle-tested tools and close alliances with leading technology providers to deliver on your vision — quickly, efficiently and reliably. And unlike technology-only firms, we have the business credentials and sector experience to help you deliver measurable business results, not just blinking lights.

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Accelerating business transformation requires speed of insights and deep expertise.

Our professionals immerse themselves in your organization, applying industry knowledge, powerful solutions and innovative technology to deliver sustainable results. Whether it’s helping you lead an ESG integration, risk mitigation or digital transformation, KPMG creates tailored data-driven solutions that help you deliver value, drive innovation and build stakeholder trust.

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