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Cloud is the driver of digital transformation. It’s no longer just a technology disruptor — it’s a business disruptor.

Maximizing the value of your cloud investment depends on your ability to take advantage of the speed and agility cloud offers. But given the complexity and the extent of the transformation required to realize this advantage, getting there, connecting, managing and optimizing all the pieces can be an overwhelming challenge. KPMG is here to help.

We combine our modern technical skills and leading solutions with our deep business, industry- and domain-specific expertise to help technology leaders succeed by accelerating their transformation efforts. That’s speed to modern cloud.

We can help you:

Plan and strategize

Plan your digital transformation

Realize a cloud-first strategy designed to maximize the value of your IT investments and propel you into a modern, agile business.

Secure and comply

Implement cyber security cloud solutions

Weave security and compliance into the very fabric of your IT ecosystem, from your legacy systems out to every new cloud deployment.

Modernize and optimize

Modernize your applications

Optimize your hybrid multicloud, implement modern DevSecOps automation, accelerate data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).


Transform legacy systems

Enable cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP), customer resource management (CRM) and software as a service (SaaS), migrate and modernize your data platforms.


Architect and implement your core cloud platform

Develop modern cloud native apps, explore internet of things (IoT) and emerging technologies, and harness the power of industry cloud.

Run and manage

Operate and manage your cloud

Rein in cloud spending and develop a modern cloud operating model.

Our leading cloud solutions

Migration factory

Migration factory

Our cloud migration factory can reliably and efficiently execute your journey to public cloud platforms. It serves as a center of leading practices, standards, skills and economies of scale to most efficiently execute your application cloud migrations and modernizations. We bring industry-leading processes, tools and skills to help execute your cloud strategy.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud solution uses technologies from leading providers to provide a single management and monitoring interface for on-premise, multicloud and edge computing infrastructures. It can help you deploy applications across datacenters and multicloud environments, enabling you to manage such diverse environments at scale, to help minimize threats and to meet governance and compliance standards.

Landing Zone as a Service

Landing Zone as a Service

Our Landing Zone as a Service offering (LZaaS) enables you to rapidly deploy and manage cloud environments at scale across multicloud environments with repeatable and automated processes, tools and controls. It includes predefined configurations designed to simplify and accelerate your public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.

Cloud Native Launcher

Cloud Native Launcher

Our Cloud Native Launcher can help accelerate development of your cloud native applications with reusable technology reference architectures and implementations, CI/CD templates, code artifacts, go-to-market materials and more. It can help you build and operationalize cloud-native infrastructures in weeks instead of months.

Containerization Hub

Containerization hub

We can help accelerate your move to Docker and Kubernetes technologies with solutions from leading providers. We can help you establish and support a Containerization Center of Excellence to execute industry-leading practices, lower costs and speed platform adoption through the development of reusable accelerators.

Modern Data Platform

Modern data solutions

Our Modern Data Platform (MDP) is the cornerstone of a data-driven enterprise. It enables you to apply modern DevOps principles such as Agile and CI/CD to your data. Our DataOps/MLOps solutions include practices, processes and technologies for building sophisticated analytics solutions and machine learning models.

The KPMG advantage

Technology is at the heart of what we do, embedded in the DNA of our business. But it's far from our only advantage. From our deep understanding of regulatory, security and privacy concerns to our extensive industry-specific experience, we're sure you won't find a more complete answer to whatever challenges you face.

  • We have big firm resources with boutique agility and a think tank mentality.
  • We're technical trailblazers and have forged powerful alliances.
  • We offer leading AI, analytics and emerging technology capabilities in the cloud.
  • We're an industry-recognized leader in cyber security and risk with an embedded security approach.
  • We have deep industry and functional experience with industry-leading solutions.
  • We deliver business-led, customer-centric outcomes with you, not just for you.

Strategic alliances that can give you an inside edge

With dozens of technology leaders on our list of alliances, you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s missing. By training and certifying our technology professionals, they enable us to deliver solutions across all leading platforms with true competence. They can give you direct access to internal resources to help solve pressing challenges, and ahead-of-the-curve insights that can put you in front of the pack.

Experienced, resourced, certified and ready.

Global cloud engagements
Focused on highly regulated industries
Dedicated cloud professionals
Cloud solution accelerators
Innovation labs and insight centers
Global delivery centers
Global cloud certifications
Clients request follow-on work

Proof. Positive.

See how we've helped IT leaders across industries meet and even exceed the growing expectations they now face.

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Getting out ahead of risk

Using real-time data analysis to help a leading US retailer proactively identify and quantify business risks. Learn more

An informed response to COVID

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Accelerating business transformation requires speed of insights and deep expertise.

Our professionals immerse themselves in your organization, applying industry knowledge, powerful solutions and innovative technology to deliver sustainable results. Whether it’s helping you lead an ESG integration, risk mitigation or digital transformation, KPMG creates tailored data-driven solutions that help you deliver value, drive innovation and build stakeholder trust.

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