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An ever-expanding attack surface

It wasn't that long ago when enterprise security was defined literally by the walls of the building, with networks and devices protected from the outside world by a firewall. Times sure have changed.

The enterprise network is now everywhere, from the cloud to the mobile device in your pocket. The result is a highly complex and interdependent ecosystem and an almost unimaginably large attack surface for malicious individuals to exploit. Constantly evolving regulations and emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to Internet of Things continue to complicate the landscape even further. And there’s no end in sight.

Effective cybersecurity and compliance in such a complex and dynamic environment requires a thorough approach and a remarkably broad combination of technical skills and tools, and industry and domain knowledge. That’s KPMG.

With over 6,500 cyber professionals and 45,000 risk professionals worldwide, alliances with industry leaders and a plethora of proprietary cyber tools and accelerators, we’re sure we can handle even your most complex security and compliance challenges.

We can help you:


Turn risk into competitive advantage


Accelerate your transformation initiatives


Operate with confidence in a digital world


Increase the speed and effectiveness of your response

Industry-leading cyber security and intelligence solutions

Beyond our skills with leading third-party cyber technologies, we’re also a leading developer of our own. We’ve seen a lot — both good and bad — and when we recognized pain points, our technology pros developed proprietary software solutions to address them.

Orchestration Suite

KPMG Orchestration Suite

Security and compliance are only as good as the policies that enforce them, but managing them can be a costly, time-consuming, manual and error-prone process. KPMG Access Management Orchestration Suite is designed to automate manual processes across the entire access policy lifecycle from policy creation, to testing and refinement, to policy promotion, to retirement. And it can help accelerate your digital transformation efforts by automating policy migrations from your legacy systems to modern cloud-based solutions.

Metrics 360

KPMG Metrics 360

KPMG Metrics 360 is designed to help you and your chief information security officer (CISO) obtain accurate, actionable and real-time insights to better understand the risk, compliance and security posture of your organization by designing and implementing a metrics program. Metrics are typically organized by security domain and mapped to industry-standard frameworks. This allows you to drill down into key areas so you can better understand both your operational effectiveness and risk posture.

Risk Intelligence

KPMG Tech Risk Intelligence

KPMG Tech Risk Intelligence is a cyber risk quantification solution designed by a diverse team of KPMG specialists across cybersecurity, technology, risk, insurance, data science, economics and accounting. It leverages artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, advanced modeling capabilities and natural language processing to give you an extensive perspective of your company’s technology risk exposure and an ability to see potential risks in a way they can be understood in financial terms.

Digital Responder

KPMG Digital Responder

KPMG Digital Responder is designed to improve the speed and effectiveness your response to cybersecurity-related incidents by maintaining data and evidence integrity. It’s a sophisticated software solution that can automate data collection and transmit that data quickly and securely to the KPMG Cyber Operations Center, where it’s automatically processed using leading forensic data analytic techniques. It can give you early insights into indicators of new incidents, who was involved, what systems and people were impacted, who and what may still be at risk, and more.

Managed Detection and Response

KPMG Managed Detection and Response

KPMG Managed Detection and Response provides security resources, technology and relevant insights designed to proactively detect, respond and contain threats effectively and efficiently. We provide tailored managed services to help you detect threats specific to your business, and continuously make recommendations as your business needs change. By combining our deep knowledge with continuous monitoring, hunting and threat intelligence, we can provide measurable and scalable outcomes.

"KPMG firms recognized for Cyber Risk Quantification by Forrester."2 Learn more >
"KPMG has been ranked number one by clients for the quality of its member firms’ security services. KPMG received the highest score of the 16 vendors evaluated in this category."1

Strategic alliances that can give you an inside edge

Our alliances can give you ahead of the curve insights and access to key industry leaders. See them all >

Every project is a cyber project

No matter what digital transformation project we’re working on, or what technology we’re helping to integrate, no matter how complex your technology ecosystem or how modern your information technology (IT) architecture, there’s one thing we know for sure: security isn’t an add-on or some solution you deploy. It must be woven into the fabric of everything you do.

It’s why our cybersecurity technology professionals are an integral part of our Digital Transformation practice. They’ll be involved to help ensure that whatever project we’re working on meets the security and compliance standards you’d expect from a leader in cybersecurity services and technologies.

Proof. Positive.

See how we've helped IT leaders across industries meet and even exceed the growing expectations they now face.

A guiding North Star for cyber risk strength

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Security by design in mobile app development

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Security by design in mobile app development

KPMG helped a global leader in managed mobility solutions enhance their Agile-based IT and application development capabilities. Learn more

Creating confident consumers

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1Perceptions of Risk Firms in 2021, Source Global Research.
2The Cyber Risk Quantification Landscape, Q4 2022 (Forrester)

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