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Rising to the challenge

In a world where business and technology are inseparable, CIOs and other technology leaders play an outsized role in shaping the future. We're here to help you see the possibilities — and turn them into realities.

Five imperatives for CIOs

We see five strategic imperatives for today's technology leaders:

Focus on value

Gone are the days when IT's mission was fulfilling orders by building technology to match supplied specifications. Today, business value is the priority. Read more...

Craft experiences

You appreciate a beautifully built application and a great piece of software. Your customers don’t. Crafting compelling experiences is now more important for IT than implementing technologies. Read more...

Forge a cohesive strategy

Much of what we call digital transformation today is happening in silos. What's really needed is an overarching, integrated digital strategy. That's the job of the CIO. Read more...

Lead into the future

The digital landscape is changing at breakneck speed. There's no one in the enterprise better suited than you to evaluate how this rapidly emerging tech will impact the business. Read more...

Deliver at market speed

Some technologies can be delivered faster than others. Your ability to understand the variability in speed and its effect on the business is key to business agility. Read more...

Our thinking

Insights from our technology and subject matter professionals. See more

Becoming a CIO of the future

2022 KPMG U.S. Technology Survey Report

Proof. Positive.

See how we've helped IT leaders across industries meet and even exceed the growing expectations they now face.

A prescription for $100 million+ savings

Helping a major pharmacy upgrade its customer care line with advanced AI and NLP technologies. More

Getting out ahead of risk

Using real-time data analysis to help a leading US retailer proactively identify and quantify business risks. More

Getting out ahead of risk

Using real-time data analysis to help a leading US retailer proactively identify and quantify business risks. Learn more

Turning a ransomware attack into an opportunity

When a large manufacturing company fell victim to a ransomware attack, it decided not to pay the ransom and instead called KPMG. More

Speed to Modern Technology

Over the last dozen-plus years, we’ve built a leading technology organization designed specifically to help information technology leaders succeed at the pace business now demands.

Unlike business-only consultancies, our more than 15,000 technology professionals have the resources, engineering experience, battle-tested tools and close alliances with leading technology providers to deliver on your vision — quickly, efficiently and reliably. And unlike technology-only firms, we have the business credentials and sector experience to help you deliver measurable business results, not just blinking lights.

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Accelerating business transformation requires speed of insights and deep expertise.

Our professionals immerse themselves in your organization, applying industry knowledge, powerful solutions and innovative technology to deliver sustainable results. Whether it’s helping you lead an ESG integration, risk mitigation or digital transformation, KPMG creates tailored data-driven solutions that help you deliver value, drive innovation and build stakeholder trust.

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