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Low-code is arguably one of the more disruptive technologies to hit the enterprise since the cloud. It enables nontechnology professionals to create sophisticated software applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface instead of arcane software programming skills.

Low-code is designed for one thing: agility. Low-code solutions enable you to quickly and easily create custom solutions to fill the gaps in the “off-the-shelf” platforms within your technology ecosystem, often by combining, enhancing and presenting data from what are otherwise discrete, siloed systems. Before low-code, such custom solutions would require a team of costly and difficult-to-find software engineers to design, implement and maintain.

At KPMG, we’ve invested heavily over the last several years in our low-code capabilities. We’ve focused on designing a delivery model that’s optimized for speed, security, reliability and total cost to value.

The right skills and the right industry-specific experience — at the right place

Because low-code applications rely on data from across your entire technology ecosystem, implementing a low-code solution can largely be an exercise in platform and application programming interface integration. Helping to ensure that these integrations are secure, reliable and without any negative impact on performance requires deep experience with each platform as well as industry-specific knowledge, including a true understanding of leading practices and regulatory requirements.

By organizing our teams by industry, we can dedicate people to your implementation who have experience with the platforms commonly deployed in your industry as well as the industry-specific knowledge required for a truly successful low-code deployment. Because every implementation is unique, we believe that having low-code technical experience on-site is essential to understand your needs and deliver the ideal solution for you. And so we’ve worked to attain the right balance of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore talent to achieve the optimum balance of cost and effectiveness to help maximize value.

We use our experience to help ensure your low-code deployments succeed

Leveraging the experience acquired by years of low-code implementations, we have designed a low-code operating model to help ensure high-quality low-code applications.

Covering everything from people and skills, security and risk, operational enablement and technical alignment, this model creates a roadmap to follow. With key enablers and battle-tested guidelines ready to be implemented in a meaningful manner across all your powerful low-code solutions, we are ready to use what we have learned the hard way to make sure your implementation helps gets you the most value with the highest speed.

We can also help you prepare to continue the low-code journey on your own, by helping establish a Center of Excellence where the standards and leading practices can be maintained and delivered in the form of training, documentation and audits. You will be fully prepared to do it yourself when we are through.

Architectural patterns and guardrails

Beyond providing the plan to organize and integrate your low-code operations, we have also collected the architectural patterns and guardrails we have developed throughout our experiences in the low-code space. We can use these to safeguard the low-code development process from the common mistakes we have seen made. We can help ensure you are using the patterns that provide the most security, performance and maintainability, while also conforming to industry leading practices.

We’ve developed a proprietary toolbox of leading low-code accelerators

We’ve built solutions and accelerators that are both platform and industry specific to accelerate speed to market and streamline the process from idea to live product. The solutions are designed to be extensible to adapt fast for changing market dynamics and business features. Covering such industries as insurance, banking and wealth management, our accelerators can provide your solutions with a high-quality, tested application infrastructure using the best of what we have learned.

We understand the importance of governance

Decades ago, when personal computers first appeared, it was not uncommon for companies to inadvertently create security vulnerabilities and other business risks when individuals across the enterprise would build their own personal set of databases and spreadsheets to store and process critical and sensitive company data outside of the tightly controlled and centralized mainframe.

Low-code has the potential to create a similar vulnerability by shifting software development away from the IT department’s oversight. That’s why we don’t just drop in your low-code solution and wish you luck. We work to ensure that the right governance model is implemented alongside the technology to help protect your investment.

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