Responsible AI

Accelerate the value of your AI solutions with confidence

It seems artificial intelligence (AI) is now everywhere, from the phones in our pockets to the enterprise software businesses rely on. But despite its ubiquity, AI is arguably a nascent technology that is rapidly emerging and evolving. What this means is that the full array of risks that AI poses is often not fully understood let alone accounted for by many businesses, even as they increasingly rely on AI for gaining essential insights, making critical decisions, alleviating skills shortages, creating new products and engaging with customers.

Failure to address these risks can have far-reaching and potentially catastrophic consequences, including litigation, compliance violations, reputational damage, customer churn, privacy violations, intellectual property theft and strategic blunders.

Successful AI adoption requires an approach to designing, building and deploying AI systems in a safe, trustworthy and ethical manner. It requires experienced governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals who can help develop an operating model and governance structure that drives accountability. It requires highly skilled AI technology and data science professionals, advanced AI tools and accelerators, extensive experience with leading AI solutions, and strong industry alliances with AI solution providers.

That’s KPMG responsible AI.

We can help you:


Reduce your vulnerability to financial and reputational risk by proactively governing and managing your models across the end-to-end AI/machine learning (ML) lifecycle.


Gain confidence in your AI models and the decisions you make based on them, and that those decisions are in line with your ethics, values and brand.


Achieve AI model accountability and transparency with an optimized operating model and governance structure.

Secure and comply

Secure your models from adversarial attacks, including cyberattacks, bad actors and insider threats. Adhere to the rapidly growing list of global AI regulations, and automate review and management of compliance policies.


Harness the value of your AI at scale, leveraging automation to manage your growing model portfolio while maintaining accountability.

Our responsible AI services


We can help you assess where you are in your responsible AI journey and create a strategy and roadmap to enhance potential.

AI ethics and governance

We can help you establish and implement AI governance frameworks, controls, operating models, and ethics and governance technology to achieve responsible AI.

Machine learning operation

We can help establish leading constructs, processes and technologies for wide-ranging model management to help build trust in your models and accelerate value, including model governance, lifecycle management, and deployment and monitoring.

AI security

We can help assess and develop AI security plans, processes and tools to detect, respond to and recover from cyber intrusions, privacy risks, software risks and adversarial attacks.

The KPMG advantage

Technology is at the heart of what we do, embedded in the DNA of our business. But it’s far from our only advantage. From our deep understanding of regulatory, security and privacy concerns to our extensive industry-specific experience, we’re sure you won’t find a more complete answer to whatever AI challenges you face:

  • We are an industry-recognized leader in AI, machine learning, and data quality and analysis.
  • We understand that regulatory, security and privacy concerns are a major barrier for companies, and we have the requisite experience and an industry-recognized, integrated approach to identify, understand and overcome these concerns.
  • We have deep industry and domain experience to understand where and how risks specific to your business can emerge.
  • We’ve pioneered some of the most advanced AI technologies and accelerators designed to improve data quality, eliminate error-prone manual processes, and dramatically simplify and streamline your data infrastructure.
  • Our powerful technology partner ecosystem, network of strategic alliances and investments give us enterprise depth with boutique agility.

An impressive leap forward in AI technology

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to open up entirely new avenues for improving the user experience and for creating business advantages. It promises to change the way many people work, from how software is developed to how text is written and summarized. See how we can help you make that promise a reality.

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